2017: Life changing

2017 was life changing. I have 1 goal in life for myself and it’s to always progress in one way or another. Whether it be spiritually, physically or mentally.

Work life was a challenge but without challenges there will be no growth. So I always welcome any curveballs God throws at me especially the kind that will help me become better at whatever task I’ve been given. I was promoted to Staff Accountant; and was so glad that my hard work paid off.

Peter and I were blessed to be able to travel to many different new places this year along with some awesome friends.

We got engaged in Paris; city of romance. And we are en route to get married in 2018.

We had our first Runcation at the Bank of America – Chicago Marathon along side our friends Becca & Matt. And also knocked out one of Peter’s life goals: to see the Chicago Bulls play in their home arena.

Explored our backyard of LA.

Witnessed a beautiful wedding for our friends Natasha and Michael in the Aloha State.

Hiked to the most beautiful blue waterfalls

and I was baptized at my home church!

See you all next year!

I’ll be running quite a few half marathons with Rock n Roll Marathon Series! And intend on updating this little blog more!